Vengeful Pronouncements from the Pulpit
An enigma, wrapped in a riddle, trapped in a puzzle, in a thick fog.


Originally, I was putting together a quick entry. I was going to just go all over the place, talking about different things that are going on, just for fun.

A little scan this afternoon to one of my favourite guilty pleasures, the High Def Digest forum as well as the forums reminded me that even 4 years after the introduction of Blu Ray as a suitor to become the next generation optical disc format the people who have already bought into it still find themselves arguing over the same points again and again, most of the time to redundant, but oddly entertaining effect.

Considering I’ve spent the past few years amassing my own modest high definition film collection I also have some definite opinions on these issues.

So inspired by the almost inexplicable passion of these folks I decided to run these things down from my obviously humble perspective.

I expect a few of these might go on for a bit, so I’ll probably break them up into their own postings for length considerations.

Argument #1

Is Blu Ray mainstream?

This topic actually still comes up on a regular basis. So pervasive is this debate that it tends to creep into… well, virtually every conversation discussing the success or failure of the format, no matter the angle the original threads started on.

The biggest reason as far as I can tell for the lack of a consensus is simply the fact that nobody can agree on what exactly constitutes “mainstream.”

For my money mainstream is simply defined as the point in which their is some level of recognition by the “average” consumer. Average in this case meaning those pretty far removed from the “early adopter” phase that just had to have the latest and greatest digital picture, but who still went out and took the opportunity to buy an HDTV at some point in the last few years.

Even those that have refrained from making this purchase however will have a tough time suggesting that they have completely managed to avoid seeing those little blue boxes in electronic stores, places like Walmart and especially ones like Best Buy where the growing Blu Ray section is actually something you have to by-pass in order to reach the DVDs.

Those who counter this view are those that keep themselves occupied with the percentages, specifically the percentage of people who own players versus where DVD was at this stage in its growth.

My counter is that simply you are discussing two different animals. First, for some DVD is more than adequate.

It isn’t even necessarily a cost issue, although the difference in the cost of the media remains a factor (albeit a shrinking one), the simple requirement on the consumer to purchase BOTH a player AND a new television in order to gain the benefits of the high-definition image is something that remains a realistic hurdle to getting the near complete domination that DVD achieved.

On this issue I’m actually going to add on some more as I address the second argument next time: “Why hasn’t Blu Ray replaced the decline in DVD?”


Still some definite work to be done in regards to this scheduling business. Laziness as always is the enemy of such attempts, but I have yet to concede the war, even if the battles tend to get bogged down in trench warfare.

Fortunately there is plenty of other little items that have been keeping things from stalling completely.

So in that spirit, a few quick items that have been or shall be holding my interest over the next little while:


The picture should speak for itself, but in case it doesn’t: This is the new graphite kindle. It’s the wifi-version and I’ve got this sucker on pre-order.

Despite my notorious impatience I have managed to sit back and wait this out. If everything goes well I should be getting this in by the end of the month, but since we’re talking about Canada Post here… we’ll see how that goes.

That moves us to item #2:


Athlean-X program

Not quite as exciting new electronic gadgetry, but newness is newness nonetheless.

I actually purchased the program this very afternoon so in regards to how good it is, how well it works, or if it would be something I would recommend, the answer to all the above is: I’ll get back to you.

So not too much in regards to the items I wanted to address in my last posting, but I am pleased that there are still things going on around here.

I’ll try to get back into the habit of posting on a more regular-like basis and see if I still remember how to follow something resembling a routine.


Born of pretentiousness and blind ambition, how are we in regards to the tremendously ‘thought out’ goals outlined in my last entry?

Almost a month after I put them down I can proudly say I have actually made some progress.

Yes… I shall give you a moment to consider this shocking revelation. Really, I’m actually as shocked as you are.

In a mere month I have managed to make some progress on goals so vague that to fail in at least doing this would have required me to be paralyzed or dead.

Ok, so I may not be prepared to give myself a standing ovation, but I suppose at the very least I’m prepared to award myself with the deafening sound of… polite golfclapping.

So here it is, quoted from last time with progress report:

“Step One: Get the office ready. I need my own little working space in order to put together my different ideas and projects and avoid a bunch of the oh, so numerous distractions.”

Yes! We have success!

*pause for self-congratulatory moment of reflection*

And now… it’s over.

On a positive note, not only do I actually have something to show for this, I actually managed to completely clean out the proposed workspace, throw all the junk previously occupying it out and start over again with a brand new desk that I put together, with drawers and organizational possibilities and… stuff….

I’m proud to say I’ve got a sweet setup for the desktop and laptop now as well as plenty of space to work with any research materials I might be using at the time. All of this definitely qualifies as multiple steps in the right direction.

Also positive, much more completed reading. I’ve been on another impressive reading binge, just going through different thrillers and mysteries. More than anything I’ve been trying to develop a sense of what in the fiction works and doesn’t work for me in order to keep these things in mind myself for my own forays.

The downside? Lot’s of reading and setting things up means not much in the way of actual work getting done.

Ditto for poker, just haven’t found the energy to do much in the way of productivity.

So now:

Step Two: Put together a more formal “working” schedule. Between working on my little writing projects, wanting to get in some internet poker and of course the all-important search for “an actual job.” Some type of schedule is definitely necessary to get everything in.

Oh schedules…

Fine, I’ll get to work on this. It’s the only way I finish #3 and get myself another set of vague self-promises.

mmm…. vague self-promises…..


I honestly believe that nothing I write could possibly convey the sheer ambitiousness of my present blogging endeavors more clearly than the title.  The use of latin outside of an academic or instructive forum is pretty much a universal symbol of pretentiousness, but fortunately what I lack in decency, I more than make up with in the sheer enjoyment that I get from doing such things.

To this end, where am I at?

Everywhere and nowhere. Pretty simple right?

Everywhere because I have a multitude of little projects I’m taking on again: Catching up on my reading once again, going through novel after novel to try and re-ignite my creative mind, the return  of this blog and the related return to (hopefully) putting together some writing here and there, trying to secure some form of “legitimate” employ as well in order to get myself going in the right direction.

And nowhere because for all my intentions a plans, I actually still need to get the metaphorical “first domino” going on a few of them to get them going in earnest. Scary to think just how far along I’d be if I could coax enough motivation and energy to get some of this done.

So the hope then comes from the blog itself. Instant accountability through a written record of progress (or lack thereof). Hopefully seeing my own incremental progress here and there will keep my moving along.

So here it is then, my ingeniously obvious, and yet impressively vague master-plan:

Step One: Get the office ready. I need my own little working space in order to put together my different ideas and projects and avoid a bunch of the oh, so numerous distractions.

Step Two: Put together a more formal “working” schedule. Between working on my little writing projects, wanting to get in some internet poker and of course the all-important search for “an actual job.” Some type of schedule is definitely necessary to get everything in.

Step Three: Once step one and two are in the books, it becomes time to formalize some goals. Before the end of the year I would very much like to have money invested to start setting the foundation for later on. And of course despite my personal disdain for vacations, I definitely need one, and the sooner I can put some distance between my current location and myself, the better off I’ll be.

There, nice and simple, three vague steps to maybe, possibly doing something at some point in the near or intermediate future.

Next time I’ll actually try to be more specific with some specifics about my internet poker goals, the first of a few of my current hobbies.

Oh, and as a final note. About the title? I’ll leave that to you fine folks to work out yourselves.


… because I probably won’t get another shot at a reboot.

Following my two year lunar cycle (as referenced in my first post which I have retained for prosperity), I have once again cleansed my written universe of it’s past and allowed it to blossom… into likely more of the same as always…

Let it not be said that I make grandiose promises I cannot keep.

I can however guarantee that more than likely I’ll ramble on about something or other, occasionally shifting topics with likely little rhyme or reason for pretty much entirely my own amusement, but isn’t that actually what the internet is all about?… Well… outside of being a convenient electronic means to upload and download porn obviously.

So what is the point of this post really?

Glad you asked. I figure on the off chance the Mayan’s happen to be onto something with their little 2012 prediction, along with my personal affection for rebooting things every two years or so… I’m kinda forced to push my schedule a few months ahead of time… lest I be caught mid reboot during the end of the world. Their is much bandwidth to be wasted between now and December 2012 and if I don’t do it… well… then equally disturbed but far less spelling conscious people will.

So in the spirit of:

I WILL look busy cartoon picture of Jesus… if for no other reason than because I’ve got nothing better planned… So there!


There is something about even numbered years, 2004, 2006 and now 2008 the more or less prompts me to begin anew with the blogging thing and start up another one. That and sometimes I find something that I’m interested toying around with (such as wordpress) and the 2 year thing provides pretty much the perfect excuse.

Realistically though, it’s generally because about every two years on average I become generally annoyed at how unwieldy and random the content of posts becomes when viewed as a collective whole. The mass majority of people who stumble upon my blog sites never notice this of course as their interest is generally limited to what is most recent, but since I’m ever aware of the changing content I sometimes sit back in my chair and wonder how the hell I ended up this far off line with the random tangents.

The good part about this is that starting up again gives me a clean canvas to start over and see if we can maintain some kind of cohesion here, or at least something vaguely resembling cohesion.

Now, about the title. My most recent blog was affectionately known as “Pronouncements from the Pulpit,”
the original title was explained as follows:

Carlos said in February 2006:

The name of the blog for starters is actually a little tribute to the old one, but an appropriate one. Let’s face it: When somebody, and this means anybody writes one of these things, they aren’t conversing necessarily, that can happen in comments afterwards, but for the purposes of the blog itself, they are preaching and I won’t shy away from that reality. So this is my pulpit where my pronouncements come from, I hope you like the way I decorated the place…

The new one of course is exactly the same with the exception the word “Vengeful” tacked on to the front. The difference here is simply that this blog now stands as the heir apparent to the original, thereby being a Pronouncements 2.0 if you will, and as I am rather fond of saying, sequels should have something extra to differentiate themselves from the original, such as a tag line like “The Revenge.” It is in this spirit that this is the revenge of the original Pronouncements blog.